You can always rely on Shipmates

The good will of shipmates, known or not, never fails to impress me.  When Bob and I bought the assets of Townsend Productions, some molds and masters had passed into mists of time.  An example is that some of the Attack Class Patrol Boat molds and masters didn’t find their way into our hands for whatever reason.  Of course, every now and then someone gets in touch seeking one of these lost badges.

Just before Christmas we had just that call from an old salt who served on HMAS Archer.  Despite a thorough search, we were unable to locate either the mold or master.  We used Facebook and asked if anyone had an Archer plaque, within an hour we get a response.  We negotiated with the owner to borrow his, take a mold and the quid pro quo was a plaque missing from his collection.  This is not the first time, as we did the same for HMAS Queenborough.

This support allows us to help someone restore an integral aspect of their life to its rightful place and reflect on that part of their lives when we were all 6 foot tall, bullet proof and part of a very special team.



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