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Ships’ Badges according to “Grey Funnel Line” Face Book Group Ships Badges The Royal Navy assigns badges to every ship, submarine, squadron and shore establishment. Prior to the age of steam ships, ships were identified by their figurehead. With the removal of the figurehead, ships badges and mottos were created to graphically represent the ships. The official process for creating the badge was initiated […]

HMAS Moreton Reunion Dinner 2015

Each year those who served on HMAS Moreton and with the Amphibious Squadron, based at Moreton, enjoy a reunion dinner.  Breaking with tradition, this year’s dinner will be at Tattersall’s Club.  It’s been a while since Moreton decommissioned. However, 2015 has been the year that the last of the LCHs and Tobruk also decommission. Consequently, […]

HMAS Hobart Cufflinks and Pins

This badge binds successive HMAS Hobart crews over 77 years. We were commissioned by the Hobart Association (Qld) for cufflinks and tie/lapel/stick pins. We’re very happy with the final product and the Secretary is excited too.  If you would like to obtain a set, please contact: The Secretary HMAS Hobart Association (Qld) 45 Greenwood Street […]

Researching Ships’ Badges

We are asked if we can reproduce a ship’s badge from a particular period.  We’re also asked, why a particular ship’s has changed.  These questions require some research to pinpoint design elements to a particular period.  While developing our website, we discussed the topic of just how much information do we include when describing each […]