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Welcome to PRESENTOS

Welcome to Presentos

We are manufacturers of hand-crafted and painted three dimensional ships’ badges of the Royal Australian Navy.  Our badges are Australian made, by sailors, for sailors…

We craft durable mementos commemorating the service and events that are significant in the lives of our customers.

We provide ship’s and defence organisation badges in a standard format mounted on a board from $84.00 each.

We also work with our customers to create ‘brag boards’ that represent their service career.  In many cases we are able to produce contemporary and historical badges to suit.

If you’re looking to mark your career, or a loved one’s, please contact us for design and pricing options.

If you’re looking to make a purchase in excess of 10 badges, please contact us for pricing.

We are primarily an ‘on-line business’ and contact is best achieved using our contact form or email (  This way we have a record of your query and we can reply promptly. However, we understand there are some people who are not connected to the internet and obtain a referral from a friend.  In these circumstances, please contact us via phone.

Our website is still under construction and we’d be happy for any feedback you care to provide.



Copyright of all illustrations used on this site, belongs to the respective copyright holder, particularly the Department of Defence.
If there are graphical, technical or written (grammatical and Defence writing standards) errors or omissions, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention, using the email address provided.


Important  Notice:  

Good day folks,
Firstly, we are still in operation. We are but a cottage industry/business in a niche market, producing high-quality presentos.
We have a continuing backlog of work that we don't feel comfortable with and as such, we stopped taking advance payments for work and invoiced on delivery.  
For now, we have chosen to stop taking orders until we can clear the backlog. 
We understand that from time to time, personal circumstances in life may arise where you may have a specific time-critical need for a "presento". Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.  We will, in those circumstances, try our best to facilitate your request. 
We look forward to your continued support of our bespoke made product, in particular when we reopen orders.