Presentos has undertaken significant research to improve the quality and durability of our product as well as using Australian manufactured components. Ship’s badges were originally carved from wood by the shipwrights. Over time, molding plaster was used to speed the process and develop consistency of product. However, plaster is inherently fragile and was replaced by fiberglass resin. While far more durable than plaster, the fiberglass resin is also quite brittle and a decent knock to a badge would rob its owner of a treasured memento. Presentos uses a two pack rigid polyurethane to cast its badges and uses flexible adhesives to bond the badge to the presentation board. Presentation boards are manufactured in Australia from medium density fibreboard with a timber veneer and sealed using a high gloss two-pack polyurethane finish for moisture proofing, durability and fade resistance. The badges themselves are are hand painted using Australian produced Norglass marine enamels and two-pack finishes, providing a lifetime of fade and chip resistant pleasure. As our gallery of work examples grows, we trust you will notice the excellent quality of workmanship together with the fine attention to detail as we strive to faithfully reproduce the designs sought by our customers and with which they are familiar.