Presentos builds on the legacy of Townsend Productions, which produced authorised reproductions of RAN Ships’ badges as a lasting keepsake of a service career. Townsend productions also crafted Australian Army Regimental, Corp and Unit badges and RAAF Base and Squadron badges. Ship’s, Unit and Squadron badges are a unique gift for those deserving of unit recognition. Presentos has masters of ships’ badges going back more than 30 years and can provide many of the badge variations for specific eras. Who we are The co-owners of Presentos are ex-sailors (and their wives while not ex-sailors, have put up with their husbands for so long they deserve campaign medals of their own). Since departing the Grey Funnel Line, Sean and Bob have worked in numerous careers and most recently, both have served as ambulance officers in a state based service. When it became possible to acquire the significant historical masters and molds from Townsend Productions (proud suppliers to the RAN, sailors and collectors for over thirty years), Sean and Bob took the opportunity to again connect with their navy days and continue the fine work of Tom and Anne Woodhouse by taking their quality work and continuing the tradition. In this next phase of the manufacture of ships badges, Sean, Petrina, Bob and Fiona are looking to innovate and spread the principles of utilising only Australian made products in the design and construction of their fine Naval and Military badges and products. It will be with more than a nod to the proud traditions of the Australian Defence Force and those who are serving or have served.