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Creating new badges

Can I obtain a plaque for a new ship/unit/squadron or association?

If the new ship/unit/squadron is a major unit (e.g. commissioned fleet unit) Presentos will seek authorised designs from the Department of Defence. Associations and unofficial units shall be required to provide high resolution electronic vector graphic illustrations of their design.

What is a set-up charge? Is there a set-up charge for reorders?

When a new product is created, which is not a commissioned fleet unit or Army/RAAF equivalent, a set-up fee is required. This fee covers the creation of master items and moulds, digitisation of artwork and so on. From most items this is a once off charge. If you have artwork and a particular type of product in mind, contact us to discuss your requirements and costs. Currently held Ship/unit/squadron or association badges do not usually require further set-up charges, unless their design changes.

Will my final product look exactly the same as the original artwork?

Because Presentos items are hand crafted, there may be some slight variations. Additionally, some design variation to enable production to occur given limitations of the media and production techniques. These alterations will be part of the final approval processes.

What is the process for approving product artwork?

We require that specialised orders receive an electronic artwork proof and order acknowledgment prior to progressing the order to production. An electronic proof will be provided and it is our best representation of how your final product will look. The artwork will be either 100% or sized to scale and through prior arrangement, it may also include alternative presentations of the artwork from which you may choose. While Presentos strive to ensure there are no errors in the proof, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure all details are correct before signing off and submitting your approval. We rely on your knowledge of your design to verify there are no typographical errors or errors of detail that may have been overlooked. Presentos shall not be held liable for any damages that may be incurred as a result of a client’s error design approvals.

If an error is discovered following final customer approval, please contact Presentos immediately. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to correct it before it goes into production, the sooner we are made aware of the error, the better the chance we can do something to rectify it.

At the time of proofing your order/artwork, if you do notice a mistake, please contact Presentos to discuss it and note it on the paperwork. We are very happy to make any corrections or changes promptly and for no additional charge. All changes must be confirmed electronically in writing. A revised proof will be sent for final approval.

How do I submit my artwork?

You can submit the artwork via email or on disk. Our contact details are listed on our Contact Us page.

What file formats do you accept?

Out preference is for vector graphics or print ready art work in Corel Draw (cdr), encapsulated postscript (eps), Adobe Illustrator (ai), or high resolution jpg, tiff or bitmap formats, as these formats provide the cleanest, sharpest design detail. The quality of your badge begins with the quality of your artwork. Therefore, any art work not in a vector graphic file format or of low resolution will require additional work to be reproduced satisfactorily. If you are having trouble please contact us and we will help.

Some simple guidelines to follow when you send electronic files for output

Vector graphics are perfect for type and logos as the lines are sharp and refined and you can resize any part of the artwork without affecting the resolution.

Art must be sized at 100%. Using a ship’s badge as an example 100% is 115mm high by 92mm wide.

Scans saved as in an eps format are usually too rough and will have to be redrawn.

Fonts that have not been outlined (or exported as curves) will not print properly.